pGp #3: Beauty

These made me smile today.
Simple flowers in an old applesauce jar.
My sister brought them when she brought over dinner last week.
Beautiful things stir up joy inside of me. They make me feel just a little closer to the God who created beauty. He makes things beautiful to remind us of His presence in this world. To remind us He is right there- that He is in all things good. Where can you see your good and beautiful God today? Flowers, a photo, a painting, a sunset, an empty laundry basket, your child's smile, the list goes on and on and is different for everyone depending on the lens you look through.  So as I do the dishes today, I can look upon these lovely flowers and feel God's smile shining upon me.  Thank you God for your creative artistry and your deep love for me. May I look for Your very presence in the places I least expect....  

practicing Gods presence


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