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Just when I feel like life has a good and steady groove things change. The boys are on a great schedule and are so happy during the day. They play well, nap well, and are so fun to play with after dinner. It is such precious family time to watch all my boys laugh and wrestle and tickle each other. When I hold them as its bedtime my heart feels so full. I have a contented feeling and a sense of knowing I will want to remember these days. They are so happy. I am so happy. I am thankful for these two little boys bringing such a deep joy to my life.

Although things are changing, I know its only for the better. My new tiny little baby boy will bring such fullness to our family. It will be an odd transition for everyone. I just pray that the transition is smooth and we all adjust well. It is hard to believe I will have three children before I am thirty. When I was 28 I had no children. I suppose I was making up for lost time. ;)

Baby three- I have no name for you yet. I have only bought you one pack of diapers and a blanket so far. I still have so much to do before you get here. All those things will get done. The only thing I can think about it seeing your little face, looking into your little eyes and holding you close. I can't wait to meet you. Keep growing in there, and please stop nuzzling up in my ribs and kicking soo much. You can relax in there. I love you and we will see each other August 23rd.

Babies are asleep, Paul is at band practice, watermelon candle is lit, and my belly is having braxton hicks so I suppose I should go get a glass of water and lie down. Although my thoughts were all over the place and random, it's nice to have them out. Thanks blog. :D


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