another set of june twins

My sister got the below e-mail from a friend who had twins today:
(I deleted most names)

Hello Everyone,

The girls were born yesterday afternoon, at 30 weeks.  Baby A is 2lbs. 2 oz. and Baby B is 2lbs. 14 oz.   Both are in expected to remain in the NICU for the next 1 ½ to 2 ½  months or so, but are stable.  Rachel is also recovering well.

We have much to thank God for today and much to continue to pray for!

Many of you have probably heard that Rachel went into labor yesterday and the doctors decided to deliver the girls by C-section since baby A was breach.  I talked with her husband last night around 9pm but will try to send another update later today.  

Baby B was born with a fairly severe cleft pallet and cleft lip.   This will require surgery and has made it challenging to attach an oxygen tube.   She is breathing on her own, but has to work harder to breathe without the oxygen tube.    They will also be doing some further testing to determine if she will be facing any other developmental challenges.  Baby A’s lungs were a bit less developed even though she was bigger, but she is able to wear the oxygen tube and seems to be breathing well. 

Her husband said the doctors are encouraging and things seem to be going well.   He related that it was a very emotional day, in part because they have felt so sustained by the Lord and people’s prayers during the last 10 weeks. 

Current prayer requests beyond what is detailed above are:

-          for sustaining grace for the girls and continued normal growth and development in the NICU
-          For healing for Rachel.   She will be discharged in about 4 days.
-          For grace for the next 8+ weeks as the girls remain in the hospital and Husband and Rachel adapt to the schedule of daily visits, etc.

Dear Rachel,

I don’t know you but my heart is heavy for your pain and delighted for your joy today. Your beautiful baby girls will be such a blessing to you and your husband and your cup will continually overflow. They will make you smile in ways you never thought possible.
As mothers of twins, we have an unspoken camaraderie because not many people get to experience what we do. The shock of seeing two heart beats, the joy of feeling four little feet, and the laughter of watching them grow to be best friends. The worry and burden is also even greater but the joy is too
Being pregnant with twins is a feat in itself and you did it! You made it through and they are here.  Mine came early too- at 35 weeks- despite many trips to the hospital, weeks on bed rest and days on preterm labor meds to prevent labor. You did everything you could to keep those babies in your belly- so don’t blame yourself.  Being alone in your hospital room without your babies will be lonely and very sad- it’s okay to cry today. It’s okay to cry when you leave the hospital empty handed. It’s okay to cry when you are home alone and your babies are miles away at the hospital without you. Keep their picture close to you in your hospital room and at home.  There is immense emotional pain but also, for me looking back, so many more blessings.

If I may tell you the blessings I had when my twin boys were in the NICU for two weeks. The nurses were so caring, loving and attentive to my babies and knew far more so then I did how to care for them. My husband and I were clueless. They taught me how to nurse, how to change diapers around the wires, how to soothe them, bathe them, and get them on a schedule. I was trying to heal from an emergency c-section and was exhausted and would have been a mess in doing so by myself. It was a blessing to have nurses there to guide me and help me heal physically by allowing me to get the rest I needed to so much. You don’t need to be superwoman and be with your babies every second. They are in wonderful hands. I left the hospital feeling more confident in knowing what I was doing than I would have leaving with them after only 4 days like most people.  I know your babies face more medical issues than mine did but God has already shown you his provisions. He will not leave you now.  My 4 pound babies will be one on the 13th and are now happy, healthy and over 20 pounds. A friend delivered her twins at 32 weeks and they are also now happy and healthy toddlers. These next few months will be emotionally and physically draining, driving back and forth to the hospital several times a day but twin mommies are strong. God gave us our little miracles to show us that we can do all things through His strength.  I cannot do it on my own, care for NICU babies or care for twins at home- both of these need supernatural strength on a regular basis.  I just wanted to share with you that you are not alone. You are facing a tough few weeks but with your husband, family, friends and most importantly God’s hand guiding you, you will make it. Talk about how you feel, cry with your husband, lean on others, and pour out the love you feel for your babies every time you see them. You and your babies will get through this. You and your husband will look back a year from now just as I am now and remember only the joy of the day of your twins birth. Glory to God for their lives!
I will continue to pray for you and think of you and your family. May God’s face shine upon you, your husband and girls today. It’s a joyous day!


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