to the dogs

I am contemplating making my facebook staus, 'free dog."
I am serious.
I know it sounds like I am a terrible person.

When Paul and I got Zeke from the SPCA about six years ago he was our baby. We bought him toys, snuggled him, talked baby to him, the normal stuff. We even got him a fake eye when he got cataratcs- he is human after all.  If anyone ever told me they wer thinking of getting rid of thier dog I would have thought they were awful. Just awful. Now here I am in the same predicament.

So now you are wondering what is going on in my crazy mind that I want to get rid of this sweet snuggly dog?  Well after the babies were born he turned into a guard dog- to the nth degree. He barks at every single thing. The cat across the street, the trees blowing, or just because he feels like it. This is brutal for a mother who just put down her twins she spent the past 30 minutes lulling to sleep. Brutal! I have said things to this dog no mother should ever say. He growls at people, sheds all over the couch and floor, smells awful and tracks in dirt to the floor my boys crawl on. It is added cleaning, noise, and stress to my already stressfilled existence. He needs daily walks and attention I simply cannot give him. Simple as that. When the new baby comes I fear I may explode. This leads me to my pending facebook status....I feel terrible for even thinking it but don't want my boys first words to be "be quiet Zeke!!" in the mean tone I know I use. I simply do not know what to do here. Plain as that. suggestions welcome..


  1. Do yourself a favor and take Zeke to the SPCA. We had to do that with our first dog after Aaron was born. Our dog would do the same thing but he also woke up the baby or myself if I happened to be able to take a nap after little sleep at night. Write down the pros an cons. I believe that you will find the cons will outweigh the pros. Someday when the boys are much older it may be time for another dog -- but you have enough on your hands right now. I'd give Gizmo away in a flash if he were mine. I have a feeling Renee will too if she takes him back to CO. Don't feel guilty. Sometimes you have to do the hard thing for the good of the whole -- your sanity and peace of mind, and cleanliness for your babies.

  2. For some reason I am just now seeing this post...Weird. I would LOVE to take him back but its convincing Paul. I know my stress level would be much lower for sure. Thanks for the advice- makes me fee a little less bad about it!! :)


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