This is an image I want my boys to know of their father. A father who is simply in love with them. A father who loves so much to hear them laugh he will act crazy to make it happen. A daddy who plays with them, tickles them, snuggles them, puts diaper cream in that special place, gets poop on his fingers, feeds them when they spit at him, rocks them at 4 am, and holds them when they fall. What joy I have in watching my boys have fun together wrestling and laughing. I would rather spend my Friday night watching this then going out with friends any day. Any stinkin' day.

I was holding my son tonight because he woke up just after bedtime. My mom was here and she was holding him trying to get him to sleep. I went in to check on them and when he saw me he wanted me. Good feeling. I brought him to our special chair and rocked his warm little body in new pajamas. He nuzzled his freshly bathed head in my arm and breathed a sigh of relief. He was safe in my arms and could fall asleep happy. I was happy to feel his sense of security in my arms. We both felt at peace. It reminded me of the love my heavenly Father must have for us. I think He too wants us to nuzzle our heads in His arm and feel secure. He wants us to crawl up in His lap and breathe a sigh of relief, to feel at peace. Too often we don't make the time to just be with Him. He sent His only son to die this Great Good Friday over two thousand years ago just to be with us. To think of the pain He went through to be with His children. He had the weight of the world on his shoulders and He didn't have to bear it, but He did. For me. For you.

Jesus, I crawl into your lap tonight and breathe You in deeply, feeling at peace with the Father who loves me so much he was willing to do anything for me. Anything. Whatever is or is not going on in my life does not matter. I just want to be held in your arms and be your daughter. Thank you for being my Father.


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