waiting for bedtime, again....

Wednesday nights are reserved for blogging.
Paul and I put the babies down at 6:45 fast asleep and he leaves for church. After I do a little picking up, I take some time to be alone. Read, pray, blog, or watch tv until he gets home. Sacred time. Quiet. Looking forward to this time gets me through the day sometimes.

It's a normal Wednesday night tonight. Babies are down and I sit down on the couch after picking up. I hear fussing. I will ignore it a minute and hopefully they settle down....
Here we are forty five minutes later and they are both in their saucers in front of me now babbling and laughing. Ugh. I feel like I can't turn off my brain now.  It's like constant multi-tasking.  During the previous 45 minutes they were both crying so hard they had tears, were hot and sweaty, and screaming. What am I suppose to do? I cannot hold them both at the same time- I have a pregnant belly.  One keeps the other awake- its like a never ending battle here.  So I laid down in bed with them both (that was difficult!) hoping snuggling would work...Well it would have if their pacifiers would not keep popping out and they were not such wigglers. I was at a stand still. They are both still freaking out. I mean freaking out. What in the world? What am I to do all by myself? Do I call someone? Do I ask Paul to come home now? Well ladies and gentlemen the babies are watching American Idol with mommy until daddy gets home to redo bedtime. I have no idea what their shtick was- they are fine now. They better sleep like rocks until 7am. They better.... ;-)

So what good can I find in this sitiation...um let me dig deep here....
More quality time with my precious little men. I could watch them play for hours. I prefer doing so during the day though. :)

Therefore, I am waiting for bedtime, again.


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