bedtime is here

Babes in bed and mommy is home alone. Ahhh- time to relax. I wish. In an attempt to find balance in our lives, we have implemented a chore chart. Paul and I each do a chore or two every night before we relax. It has only been two weeks and sanity has already returned to my life in a small chunk. Hence, the reason I am blogging at 7:15pm on a Wednesday. So where did the idea for this chore chart come about you ask? Easy explanation- I went insane- like the crazy eyed, red face with tears and yelling insane. Yes- I admit it okay. I was overwhelmed. We have all been there.

Two Saturdays ago, it was a normal early Saturday. Dishes were so high on both sides of my counter they were falling off, laundry was all clean but in six baskets scattered around the house. The bathroom trash was overflowing, shower was gross, I had not showered, boys were crying, I had not eaten yet and I am pregnant. It was only 9 am. My eyes began to scan the tragedy that was my home and I wanted to tackle this mess. Where to begin? I say again, 'where to begin' with a whimper that quickly turns to tears and my emotions take over and (in a whiny cry voice) I feel like I am the only one who ever cleans this house and how am I supposed to be a mom to twins and work full time and take care of a a house and...and....what in the heck does my future hold bringing a new baby into this mess! (You know ladies, the typical PMS escalation of unsubstantiated emotions) Then of course I decided to unleash this crazy onto my poor, loving, and adorable husband. Poor guy. Actually, he was feeling overwhelmed just as much as I was which did not help since he is my voice of reason in such times. Needless to say, we got it all done. It took all day. I told myself this was the last Saturday I would spend my whole day off cleaning our house. The last time. It is Paul's only day off and our only day together as a family since Paul works all day Sunday.  I am so tired after putting the boys to bed during the week I can barely get the dishes done only to fall asleep on the couch afterwards. Paul has schoolwork to do. So, chore chart from fifth grade- here we come. I hate being so regimented but with twins and working full time structure is the only way for sanity in this house. We just each do a little bit each night. This past Saturday was a huge sigh of relief.  Granted- the house is not spotless nor will it ever be, but it was picked up and clean enough. We could relax a little and play with the boys. Ahhhh. That is what Saturdays are for....

So now I need to implement this sort of routine into my spiritual life. I have always been a more free flowing person when it came to how or what time of day I spent time hanging out with God. How dare I box God in to a certain time of the day??? Well, now I need to plan it. Such is life. This does not change my open, free relationship with my Father. Throughout the day I pray, or look at my children or husband and praise God, sing Him a song, or simply rest in Him. Just be with Him. In silence or rambling to Him. He doesn't care, He just wants to be with me and I with Him. So if I have to set aside a specific time to spend with God- I will. I won't wait until Sunday or when I have free time that will never come. It will make my day, my week and my Saturday nevertheless more sane and balanced.
Off I go to my scheduled time with God, then a load of laundry, and maybe a little television. Ahhhh.

By the way- my laundry has been caught up for two weeks! Imagine that!!! I never thought that would be me ;-)


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