baby baby

Dear baby,

I am so excited to see you today. I have been feeling your little wiggles and squirms the past few weeks, especially when I lie down or eat something you like. I have been imaging what you look like and how you are feeling in there. I hope you are happy. I hope you can feel it when daddy or I rub my belly to tell we love you.

I get to see the shadowy images of your tiny fingers, toes and beating heart this afternoon. I also get to have the technician tell me what sort of baby "part" they see down there.  So, please cooperate and just let her take a quick peek for momma please. Please.

If you are a boy- you get to be number three in the three musketeers. I know your brothers will be so excited to have another partner in crime, another member to their rock band, and another brother to wrestle.
If you are a girl the same applies however, your brothers told me they can't wait to tickle you, show you the ropes, and be your twin protectors when you grow up too.

Whatever sex of baby you are, you are loved. You were loved from the moment mommy and daddy heard the word, "pregnant."  The first time I saw your beating heart, mine melted. I can't wait to see you today but I especially can't wait to hold you in my arms in August. I know that Daddy, Jude and Levi are all so excited to meet you too. So enjoy the peace and quiet in there while you can because kisses, hugs and tickles are waiting for you out here. Love you little baby.



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