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Advent: Let Him Love You

Rotting pumpkins on the front step.
Knotted Christmas lights on the living room floor.
Traffic. Lists. Laundry. Christmas parties. Gifts to be bought.
Drained bank accounts and my brain in a whirlwind. 
I am behind. I am failing. I am overwhelmed.
Our everyday lives are so bursting full, adding a holiday to the pile can easily just break the dam.
Crying on the couch that you are just so tired and cannot do another single thing.

Is this what Jesus wanted for us here?
Rushing past Him, shouting "Happy Birthday Jesus" and speeding, white knuckled into to the New Year? Just making it through the day? Missing all the little gifts He has hidden for us in this season? Missing it all? Jesus I want to celebrate you by doing ALL THE THINGS. All of them. Will you love me more if I do? Will my kids love me more if I do?

What am I paying attention to?
Who am I paying attention to?
Advent is a season of arms wide open, expectantly waiting for love to come down and rescue us all.
Advent is a sea…

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